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Online booking form

Please use the reservation form to get a free non obligation quote for details on available dates, rooms and prices.

We will contact you within 48hrs after submitting your non obligation reservation form with details you requested and to complete your booking if required. The date you selected will be confirmed and fully reserved for you once the deposit is made to our account. The order must be sent no later than 48 hours before check-in. Thank you.

Stay in touch

Contact persons

  • Alena Djoehana
  • Tel: +33 6 28 90 59 07 [CZE + others]
  • E-mail: zuhansta@seznam.cz
  • E-mail: alena.djoehana47@gmail.com
  • Vladimíra Totzauerová
  • Tel: +420 608 514 289 [CZE]
  • E-mail: vtotzauerova@seznam.cz


  • Penzion Žuhnasta
  • Bušovice 26
  • 338 24, Břasy 1
  • GPS: N 49°47'43.321", E 13°32'6.661"

Payment methods

  • We accept payments by cash or bank transfer.
  • Československá Obchodní Banka a.s. (ČSOB)

Consent on the processing of Personal data (GDPR)

We/I give the consent to the company ZUHANSTA sro, headoffice at Busovice 26, 33824 BRASY I in Czech republic, ICO 25233203, number of registration 9452/2003 (hereafter refered only the manager, in the purpose according to the legal obligations/Czech law number 101/2000 sb, concerning the protection of Personal data, and the UE regulation..(hereafter only the law of Protection of Personal data):

  • First Name and Surname
  • Company
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Stay from
  • Supposed stay to
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Visa number
  • Domicile abroad
  • Purpose of stay in Czech republic
  • Provider of accommodation
  • Address in Czech republic
  • Signature

You have freely given the explicit consent with the processiong of data. Your consent could be removed any time, by e-mail, or by a letter, to the Zuhansta sro company, Busovice 26, 33824 BRASY 1, Czech Republic.

The personal data are requested by Czech law - compliance with the legal obligation (.c. 326/1999 sb S 101&S102.) The data could be removed after six years (Czech law number 101, 326/1999).

Recording of consent is done by the manager, Personal data could be also done by other providers

  • Application named Ubyport
  • Or others providers they could be used, but not at time being

Please be aware that according to the law Protection of Personal data, you have the possibility (right):

  • withdraw your consent any time;
  • request all information about what kind of Personal data we have recorded;
  • request more information or explanations;
  • request to remove or withdraw, or infomr us to update or correct;
  • request for removal of these Personal datas;
  • in case of doubt request us or directely the conact "Bureau for personal data protection" www.uoou.cz;
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