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Around the area: Cultural relics

Baroque treasures

The architect Jan Blažej Aichl SANTINI is closely associated with this region. He has built two ravishing baroque monasteries: monastery Kladruby and Cistercian monastery Plasy.

Manětín village is the village called “The pearl of baroque”. This landmark is extraordinary by its urban and its original conception, its gardens, church and other historic relics in the nearby.

Rabštejn nad Střelou: miniature – baroque town – meant to be the smallest town in the Europe.

Aristocracy buildings

Aristocracy buildings are part of local landmark and correspond to specific way of living in this area. Most visible impact is in following villages: Nečtiny, Zinkovy, Spálené Poříčí, Lužany, Dolní Lukavice, Kačerov, Mirošov, Osek, Hřešihlavy, Zbiroh, Březina and others.

Probably best known castle in the Western Bohemia is Castle Kozel, built in 18th century, intended as hunting castle, surrounded by majestic gardens.

Nebílovy Castle, comprising of two castle wing-walls, is well known for its regular flower exhibition and hence the castle is called the “floral castle” and is very popular among women.


Early 19th century baroque is typical for rural village houses to be decorated by statues and niches. Such typical baroque villages can be seen in the north of Pilsen; among the most popular ones belongs Ostrovec, included as historical landmark.

Folk Art

Typical for folk art are wooden houses, made normally from black wood alternating with white joints (Dobříš, Strašice…). Typical to folk art is also making of wooden handcrafted toys. Such handcrafts are still produced in Skašov, in the south of Pilsen; originating in 19th century.

Jewish culture

Pilsen’s synagogue is the largest synagogue in the Czech Republic.

Sports and local attractions

  Location Type Distance
  Woods rest 200m
  Walking tours sport 200m
  Kanoe sport 2km
  Fishing rest 2km
  Protected areas Berounka sport 2km
  Golf sport 4km
  Heated swimming pool, sauna rest 7km
  Air park in Zruči* curiosity 8km
  Tenis sport 10km
  Zoo child 12km
  Pilsen Urguel brewery in Pilsen rest 12km
  The Jewish Synagogue in Pilsen jewish heritage 12km
  Acquapark in Pilsen rest 12km
  (*army vehicles exhibition open-air)

Village Bušovice

Bušovice Village: a picturesque rural village with more then 900 years of history... More information >>>

Penzion Žuhansta - Obec Bušovice

The neighbourhood

Bušovice neighbour- hood offers wide range of castles, ruins, Pilsner brewery, golf club...More information >>>

Penzion Žuhansta - Okolí penzionu

Tips for trips

We have prepared for you variety of walks, places to see and visit in our area...More information >>>

Penzion Žuhansta - Tipy na výlet

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