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Tips for trips

If you are really coming for adventure, getting to discover new things and you want to spend your holidays actively, we would like to suggest a few day trips in the area that we have especially designed for you. Based on the length of your stay, we have carefully selected a program that will help you learn about local beauty of the Western Bohemia region. We hope you will enjoy this to the fullest…

1. day - Kozel Castle (15 km away). Relax in the castle’s garden restaurant, enjoy the day with a cup of coffee, local dessert and walk through the garden or see the famous mini-golf park.

2. day - Visit Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic (45 minutes by motorway). Thanks to the numerous things to see in Prague, we suggest visiting Prague at least for a day. Even so, you will not be able to cover all the magnificent monuments and historical places Prague offers. Once you are here, make sure to visit the Prague castle, Charles Bridge, The Orloj clock, the Old Town Square and others.

3. day - Walking tour along the river Berounka; in the afternoon visit to of the city of Pilsen (Pilsner Urquel Brewery). The tourist centre provides guided tours in various European languages.

4. day - Visit spa Karlovy Vary - the most popular spa in the country (90km from the guest house i. e. approx 90 min by car). Take a small cup with you to taste the remedial mineral water, saturated with iron that springs out from 12 hot springs (from 26°C to 76°C).

5. day - Visit Manětín, a village equipped with baroque statues and a Renaissance castle Manětín. Once you are there, don’t forget to stop at Rabštejn nad Střelou, tthe place of a baroque church and a castle that has been converted into a museum. If you still have some time left, we recommend you to take one of the foot trails in the valley of river Střela and on the way back visit monastery in Mariánsky Týnec, operating as museum for local history.

6. day - Second visit to Prague or to Karlovy Vary.

7. day - Visit the monastery at Kladruby and dine at the local restaurant. Visit the town of Stříbro with its unique Renaissance town hall.

8. day - Take a walk along the river Berounka or through the woods in the area, where there is a well with crystal clear drinking water, tranquil natural dew pond with an island in the middle. The pond is called Kokotský rybník.

9. day - City of Kutná Hora – approx 140 km from the guest house by the motorway. One of the most beautiful and picturesque towns in the Czech Republic. The town is also listed as world’s cultural heritage UNESCO. Kutná Hora is originally a mining town, where silver ore was mined. We recommend once you are in the town, not to miss the gothic Cathedral of St. Barbora.

10. day - Křivoklátsko tour. Křivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most remarkable castles from medieval ages. It is located in the area of town Křivoklát, Rakovník county in the Central Bohemia region.

11. day - Visit the majestic gothic Karlstejn castle (The King’s Castle), located in the middle of the listed natural reserve Český kras. Excursions through the castle are to be booked beforehand.

12. day - Visit the Radyně castle and ruin erected on the hill of the same name (569 m n. m.). It is located between Pilsen and Starý Plzenec. Thanks to its location the massive castle tower has been converted into a watch tower.

13. day - Ride on a bike and have lunch at Biskoupky (in the summer). Berounka in Dolany valley (the only option to cross the river here, the closest bridge being 60 km away), or visit Jewish monuments in the area. Visit Rokycany, the royal town and museum of palaeontology.

Village Bušovice

Bušovice Village: a picturesque rural village with more then 900 years of history... More information >>>

Penzion Žuhansta - Obec Bušovice

The neighbourhood

Bušovice neighbour- hood offers wide range of castles, ruins, Pilsner brewery, golf club...More information >>>

Penzion Žuhansta - Okolí penzionu

Tips for trips

We have prepared for you variety of walks, places to see and visit in our area...More information >>>

Penzion Žuhansta - Tipy na výlet

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