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About village Bušovice

Bušovice, is the small Western-Bohemian rural village that is inhabited by approximatelly 200 people. The fact that this village is ideal location for holidays is reflected by high number of people travelling here to enjoy peaceful and tranquil weekends and to relax and rest in their cottage/farms. The village name Bušovice is derived from Czech boy's name Bohuslav, who is shortly called „Buše“.

Historical milestones

1115: Historically first note about village Bušovice can be found in ancient documents in Kladruby's monastery
1358: In this year, the emperor Charles IV, presented 3 villages (inclusive of Bušovice) to Miroslav, that ultimatelly dies without any heirs to his property.
1379: According to municipal registry of Pilsen, village is divided into 3 parts. During its long 300 years history there were several land owners to the village.
1694: The new land owner is Knight Petr Wiedersberg.
1717: Finishing of baroque aristocracy castle Wiedersberg von Wiedersberg.
1744: The castle was sold to the city of Pilsen for 24 800 golden ducats (Pilsen is still its owner owner today). Nowadays the castle provides its premises as a scientific archive to the city of Pilsen.
1783: 10th of July 1783 - the servitude was revoked and land was split among the servants and dependants. However only until 2nd half of the 19th century half of the land was owned by Pilsen.
1827: A new elementary school school [4 grades only], a poor’s house [hospital] and a smithery were established in the castle premises.
1914: The village was connected to the electrical grid

Village Bušovice

Bušovice Village: a picturesque rural village with more then 900 years of history... More information >>>

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The neighbourhood

Bušovice neighbour- hood offers wide range of castles, ruins, Pilsner brewery, golf club...More information >>>

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Tips for trips

We have prepared for you variety of walks, places to see and visit in our area...More information >>>

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